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Setting KPIs for Sales – What You Have to Know

When thinking about setting KPIs for sales team, managers often think about the sales quotas, the average size of deals and the revenue per sales member. KPI for sales is regularly misunderstood and misused. For a better understanding of KPIs and learn how to build an effective KPI-driven sales procedure, this article about will help […]

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How to Build a Sales Pipeline

Sales notebook, sales diary, sticky notes, inbox, or spreadsheets? If they’re all you have to look over during your super busy sales day to summary your sales activities and to ensure nothing is missed. But what if you still feel that they’re not really working? Well! You’re not the only one! Even how hard you’ve […]

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How To Motivate Employees In Retail

If you – as a retail buyer –  want to get a specific goal “above and beyond”,you should start “producing” glad workers. By applying proven strategies to motivate employees in retail, you can keep your retail business pursuing productively for years. Also, by having representatives who can effectively sell, you achieve the remarkable benefits. Retailers, […]

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Exceptional Customer Service: how to achieve it?

Customer service is a crucial part of every business, both small online stores and big organizations. Companies, which are incapable or unwilling to improve their customer support, tend to lose customers, both new and loyal ones. People also talk about exceptional customer service. Do you know what it is? Well, I’ve found some key components […]

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How to promote your restaurant online

how to promote your restaurant online

In the era of information boom that we are experiencing nowadays, a piece of particulars can spread within only few seconds. And that means a lot to online restaurant’s marketers. Why? Because all of your competitors are using social media to advertise for their businesses. So if you don’t, you are hundreds of steps far […]

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The Hottest Advertising Trend in 2017: The Era of Digital

With the development of technology, marketing, in general, and advertising, in particular, has changed significantly. Businesses and marketers are empowered with various new channels to promote their products to audiences. Nowadays, digital advertising is the most converting forms of advertising. It is also the fastest growing advertising channel. And there is no sign indicating that […]

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