Advertising Trend: The Era Of Digital


With the development of technology, marketing, in general, and advertising, in particular, has changed significantly. Businesses and marketers are empowered with various new channels to promote their products to audiences. Nowadays, digital advertising is the most converting forms of advertising. It is also the fastest growing advertising channel. And there is no sign indicating that the growth will slow down shortly.

Advertising Trend: The Era Of Digital

All big brands are going digital with their advertising. There must be reasons for this shift. Below are 6 most significant reasons for the blooming of digital advertising.

6 Reasons to Go Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is Targeted

With digital advertising, your ads will be delivered to the most potential and targeted audiences. SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) get your brand name and content to customers wherever they go. Social networks allow you to segment audiences by geolocation, demographics, and interests, etc. With the opt-in feature of digital advertising, you know your ads is going to the right person, the person who is interested in your content.

Digital Advertising is Flexible Across Channels

Digital advertising is a multi-channel way of doing advertising. You can share your content across various platforms. A YouTube video can be posted on Facebook with a link to a review article on your WordPress website which includes a link to an eCommerce site where you sell your products. Or of course, you can add the sales page link to the very first post so that your customers have a choice of what they want to reach. With the flexibility of digital advertising, you can share your content in any form depending on your purposes and target customers.

advertising trend: the era of digital


Digital Advertising Invites Mobile Engagement

Digital advertising enables advertisers to push their ads to audiences on mobile devices. This means your ads will reach your target whenever and wherever they are online. Studies have shown that leads on mobile devices are higher than on desktops with lower cost-per-click. With digital advertising, one piece of ads can run on both mobile and desktop, thanks to its responsive feature.

Digital Advertising is Faster

Market and trends have been changing more quickly than ever. That requires advertisers to adapt to these changes faster. In this era of digital, an ad can be created in a much shorter time than in the old days. The execution speed also reduces significantly, within clicks for particular. And if you want to modify some details, do it on the fly. With traditional advertising, if you are short on budget, it is hard to save cost on a running ad. Cancellation fees, reproduction fees, and etc. are waiting for you. In the case of digital advertising, they are not in presence.

Digital Advertising is Easily Measurable

Technology development makes it possible and easy to measure the effect of a digital advertising campaign. You can even get the real-time report of your ads on who clicked, opened, referred, shared, and bought via your content. You will have data to know which channel is the highest converting, which gives the worst result to adjust your campaign.

Digital Advertising is Viral

With good content, a digital ad can easily get shared my hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. From these shares, your ad can reach thousands and millions more people. People share not to share but to express that they are updated to trends as well. In the time when it is important to show yourself online, no one wants to be left behind.

Digital advertising trends of 2017

Technology changes each year. So do advertising trends. Let’s take a look at four leading digital advertising trends in 2017.

It Is Mobile Time

Mobile advertising grew by 66% in 2015. It accounted for around $20 billion of the total $60 billion spent on internet advertising. There is no sign of it slowing down. In contrary, it is expected the rapid growth in 2017. The life cycle of mobile devices is shorter, which means more and more people are using mobile devices and have their mobile devices replaced more frequently. The more consumers use their phones, the more they see mobile ads. So, mobile advertising will still be the top trend in 2017.

advertising trend: the era of digital

Video Advertising Is On The Rise

We can see such a trend of the major social networks adding and promoting video feature on their platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all spend many efforts in getting people to produce and watch more video contents. This is accompanied by live video feature. It is the best time for advertisers to utilize video and live video feature to promote their products. There are many ways of using video to execute an advertising campaign. Experts predict that it is not long before video advertising catches up with mobile advertising.

Facebook Remains A Powerful Marketing Channel

Instagram advertising saw an exciting development in 2016. However, in the area of the social network, Facebook is still the king of all. The biggest social networking site hopes to reach $26 billion of ad revenue in 2016 and $34 billion in 2017. The platform also pushes more ads to customers’ newsfeed. This has its pros cons. Audiences may see your ads more, which means they might be annoyed be your ads more. There is evidence of Facebook exploiting users’ data to power its ads tools. It is useful for advertisers to execute their Facebook advertising campaigns.

Audiences Are Annoyed By Ads

Pop-up banners and videos are driving viewers to use more and more Ad-blocker plugin. Imagine you visit 10 websites, 9 of them have a popup jump right into your face. Most of them have more ads than the actual content on the front page.

Thus, consumers are annoyed when they can’t reach the information they need without tons of ads. They will react by turning on ad-blocker or having the hate towards the brand. For many brands increasing their digital advertising, it is better to switch to other forms of digital marketing rather than website banners and popup. Native, sponsored, editorial-based or endorsement advertising are some choice for a digital advertising campaign.


As advertising follows the audience behavior, when your audiences go digital, you go digital with them. Any brand that says no to digital advertising is losing one point in the race of advertisement. It is rather late than never.

So if your business hasn’t got your hands on digital advertising, it’s about time. With the non-stop development of technology and digital, advertisers have to be quick to adapt to change. That is the only way they can catch up with the era of digital.

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