Welcome to RockPOS v4.2.0!

Version 4.2.0 has been released, the version includes essential improvements as well as new advanced features. Please update to the latest version of RockPOS for optimized selling experience. If you do not know how to upgrade, here is how you can upgrade your RockPOS to version 4.x.x. Now, Let’s get into v4.2.0.

Essential improvement

  • Fixed: rounding error on the Sell screen.
  • Fixed: auto rounding when manually entering the price in U/P column.
  • Fixed: unable to login into the Front Office for RockPOS’s customers. 
  • Add new customers without email/password: PrestaShop requires each customer must have their unique emails. When a customer does not want to share their personal email, RockPOS will automatically generate a random email for that customer. Each customer will have different email and each one is unique.
  • Fixed: missing customers’ address in the Back Office when updating customer’s information is updated: more than one customer has the same email can cause that customer’s address removed when updating information in the Back Office. with RockPOS’s auto-email-generator,  it will make sure this case not happen.

What’s new in RockPOS version 4.2.0?

  • Compatible with PrestaShop
  • Multi-store configuration: RockPOS’s users can now have different settings for each store. This advanced upgrade will be very beneficial for shop owners in managing different type of stores. See more.
  • Allow users to assign order’s state for orders contain out-of-stock products. See more.
  • Integrated log system: important info and transactions will be recorded and saved into a log folder stored in the server.  This will be very useful in the future when errors occur.

Whether you’re an existing RockPOS user or a retailer who wants to take their business to the next level, we want you to have the support you need. Check out the new Help Center to learn more as RockPOS will be upgraded regularly to make sure it always serves you at its best.

Enjoy using RockPOS!

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