If you – as a retail buyer –  want to get a specific goal “above and beyond”,you should start “producing” glad workers. By applying proven strategies to motivate employees in retail, you can keep your retail business pursuing productively for years. Also, by having representatives who can effectively sell, you achieve the remarkable benefits.

Retailers, who are planning to grow long encouragements, bonuses, and benefits for their staff, regularly observe the advantages of less worker turnover and better client benefits. This combination can prompt to an expansion in deals.

Motivate Employees In Retail

What does employee motivation include? (Via: www.hrpayrollsystems.net)

Ideas to Motivate Employees in Retail


Money spurs everybody on a retail chain group. As indicated by a 2010 report from the U.S. Division of Labor, retail sales representatives gain $20,990 or over $10 every hour. Extra salary by cash is an approach to reward representatives for volumedeals.

It’s considered to expand the commission rate as the sales volume increases. For example, if a worker is paid 3 percent on all businesses, he can be increased to 5 percent after achieving a specific level of sales. It could be continuing adding to the rate if he develops various levels within an assigned time, for example, a month.

motivate employees in retail

Offering your employees awards is always one of the best ways to motivate them
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Everybody will make their effort when they are in competition. On the occasion or retail store sales campaigns, money reward compensates for most elevated sales. A point framework is also offering reward to the winner who has more than one sale. Furthermore, there are some sale competitions for non-cash prizes, such as store item rewards or present cards that can boost the staffers.


It can be seen that the staffs will try their best to work as well as satisfy his boss if he is esteemed and acknowledged. If the employer recognizes the staff’s success and magnificent customer services, the staffs will feel that they must be a part of the work.

Besides, there are should be honor celebrations of theretail chain and the people who have improved the extra mile. The employers should build objectives and strengthen the employees to cooperate to accomplish them. They must be allowed to involve in arranging recognition events, building up sales team spirit more.


Leadership is a great illustration onpassion of your business staffs. Set the condition for the store and your group has to exhibit an inspirational state and an extraordinary grade of customer service. Observation is a technique that you educate your team, and you may spread your enthusiasm to the employee certainly.

Strategies to Motivate Employees in Retail

Strategy #1: Motivation Perks

Retail Perk #1: Company Parties

Occasions, stock or surpassing sales objectives are all great circumstances to set up a gathering. Arrange the gathering party far from the store or host a little assembling in the lunchroom. Be that as it may, the key is CELEBRATE!It should have a beat of commending your workers!

Retail Perk #2: Discounts on Merchandise

It’s the simplest for a retailer to boost his/her morale. The workers have the percentage on any product they sell.This is constantly well knownbecause it gets the store’s stock on the representative or in their lives. There is no better approach to get a worker discussing your items than to have them utilize them.

Keep in mind, your client benefits and experiences are the most imperative considerations.

Retail Perk #3: Personal Time

Demonstrate your liberality by permitting parents to have days off when school is out for educator in different occasions. Each worker has imperative occasions going ahead in their life, so do your best to oblige those days within reason.

This is one of the advantages of the retail business. The fact is that,through cautious schedules, you can quite often discover somebody to cover a shift. Personal days off shouldn’t be mistaken for vacation time.

Retail Perk #4: Free Food

Who doesn’t care to eat? This effectively low-cost perk is an easy method of getting doughnuts, or bagels, a couple of times every month. A few retailers even purchase lunch each Friday for staff.

Retail Perk #5: Event Tickets

The companies frequently get special rebates on shows, sporting occasions and even film tickets from different organizations. Give these occasion tickets to your staff as prizes or motivators for meeting sales objectives.

It is constantly valued to have free food in the lunchroom!

Retail Perk #6: Break Room Entertainment

Give your workers some kinds of diversions, so they can truly unwind at break time. Make sure they have a chance to loosen up.Retail can be very stressful!

Retail Perk #7: Time Off for Charity

Giving time off to staff to take an interest in charity occasions not only indicates goodwill towards the staff but also helps the group contribution.

In case you’re having a dear charity to your own heart, it’s considered to organize an occasion for all workers when the store is closed or on a moderate morning when insignificant staff can run things.

Retail Perk #.8: Make the Schedule

In my stores, I used to give the top administration worker a chance to make the calendar for whatever is left of the group. It guarantees that this individual got the days they needed off, and thus, it persuades him/her showing the signs of improvement.

Retail Perk #9: Random Acts of Kindness

Unless you do have the room (or the financial backing) to put a pool table in the lunchroom, consider a TV with a DVD player or a video gadget. Or else, set up a free Wi-Fi connection for their own devices. Also, note that it’s unnecessary to build aplan for the perks. A straightforward acknowledgment of awell-done occupation can go far in enhancing representative assurance.

Retail Perk #10: Never Schedule Close to Open

This is a simple one. Try not to close the shop and afterward open it on the next morning by making a schedule. While it’s impractical to do this constantly, know and realize that the representative’s cerebrum needs a mental break.

To remember with the Motivation Perks: Ensure to Give Them What They Really Want

As you create benefits and perks for your staff, make certain they are significant and proper for your staff.

You may feel that you’re liberal when purchasingPizza for representatives remaining late the prior night stock, yet they may not see it that way. It’s better when the staff has anadditional three-day weekend or permitting the laborer to come in later one day.

An ideal approach to your staffs’ thinking is to ask them. You can gather the ideas during the store meeting and proposals for advantages they might want to get. You might be surprised to discover that it’s easy ways to execute in your retail shop.

Strategy #2: Playing the “Sales Games”

Your initial step is preparing your retail representatives with good “sales skills” – it’s not a natural aptitude, and you need to instruct them with a procedure. Your next huge challenge is to keep your employees selling with a peak performance. “Sales game” is an interesting and cheap strategy to motivate employees in retail to sharpen their sales skills. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

motivate employees in retail

Sales games help to keep your employees with a peak performance (Via: www.bindopos.com)

“Pass The Buck”

This sales game will be as follow: Choose a day to maximize your sales and award the employee that makes the first sale in that day a $20 note (maybe $10 or $50 depend on your strategy) to hold. When somebody makes abigger sale, they will get “passed the buck.” This means the first one will pass the $20 note they are currently holding. Whenever the bigger sale is made, the “buck” gets passed one more time. At the end of the day, the person having the highest sale will bring home the buck!

This contest will create great motivation for your retail employee for several reasons:

  • Truly fun
  • Truly simple
  • Encourage a lot of extra sales
  • Motivate up-selling
  • Immediately rewards good performance sales employee
  • More money will be put in cash register

This retail deals diversion has never neglected to satisfy our workers or put more cash in the enlist. Furthermore, it’s so natural that you can do it today!This “pass the buck” contest is as easy as pie so that you can implement it immediately, and it will never fail to please and motivate employeesin retail.

“Digging For Dollars”

This isanother awesome sales game favored by many shop owners. Here’s a challenge to be applied on busy days. Rules of the game shall be as follow: a huge jar is loaded with $1 note, each time a sales employee makes an add-on to the sale, they will get a $1 note from the jar.  This challenge is to see who can get the most dollars while giving everybody chance to win.

Bingo! Your entire sales staff is spurred to perform with particular sales practices you’re looking for throughout the day, and everyone can win something. It would be a perfect training plan!


Poker Sales game is relatively more complicated, yet it’s really interesting without a doubt! What’s more, it gets extraordinary outcomes in motivating thesales team and encouraging sales revenue.

To play Poker sales game, it’ll require some decks for playing cards, a notice board which is sufficiently big to post poker hands of everybody’s, and an amazing prize. The prize could be money, restaurant vouchers, paid days off, or other things being favored by your employees.

You’ll have to list: Selling goals with different levels and their equivalent poker cards that an employee will get each time they reach a specific selling goal. The harder the objective, the more cards they will get. This is a challenge, so the level of add-on or revenue per sale should be higher than normal. Remember that you push them to perform better than normal.

Here’s a conceivable example to give you the thought. However, be imaginative and change in accordance with the particular target of your store:

  • 2 add-on items: 1 card
  • 3 or more items: 2 cards
  • Deal over $75: 1 card
  • Deal over $150: 2 cards
  • 3 clearance items sold:1 card
  • 1 green-spotted turbo gadget sold: 3 cards

The Poker sales game is truly simple from here. Each time a sales staff accomplishes a specific target, they can take the respective number of cards and post them under their name on the bulletin board. At the end of the challenge, the one having the most cards will be the winner.

Poker Sales game is the best when playing on multiple days, such as the weekend or the entire week. This way, everybody gets an opportunity to play and win. That keeps every sales staff motivated to sell and play.


The above strategies are easy approaches to motivate employeesin retail and train your new sales staffs or sharpen the sales skills of the professional sales staffs so that they can deliver the best service for your clients.

Managers can create a store’s selling culture or create the service culture that sells. So, immediately start preparing your retail employees to become a sales superstar, keep them continuously hungry for targets by applying games or perks as suggested. You guys both win!

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