How can good customer service increase sales?

Do you know how important customer service is to a company?

Increasing sales is the desire of every marketer or businessperson. However, it has never been easy. One of the most crucial factors having a great effect on sales is customer service.

I realized that after months of failing to raise the number of my company’s customers and revenue. My customer service used to be so awful that most of the clients only wanted to come once and never came back.

If you have not noticed this issue, you’d better make it your priority now because customers have an enormous strength. They can destroy your business by buying products from your competitors. And if your company’s profits have been slightly raised or remarkably reduced for recent months, you should read on to find out how can good customer service increase sales.



Seek and find problems

Seek and find problems

Your clients always have some problems. They may not like your product’s design, price, or dissatisfy with its quality. So discovering and solving those issues, which can be considered the best function of a good customer service, are synonymous with increasing your customers’ trust as well as sales.

Try to minimize your clients’ complaints by seeking their problems even before they realize and solving them as soon as possible. For example, whenever customers come to my company’s store or get access to our website, I always set up consultants to help them find the most appropriate products. These employees are sure to be very enthusiastic and professional.

And after the customers have bought their correct product for a few days, my customer department always makes phone calls to ask them if there are any problems while using.

So an excellent customer service to me means to discover and solve clients’ troubles even before they realize and serve them whenever they need. When their satisfaction is increased, so are your sales.

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Keep customers’ loyalty

Keep customers’ loyalty

Have you been noticing Apple? In my opinion, it is the most fantastic brand that can keep customers loyalty. And the feature which assists Apple to do that is not only its products but also wonderful customer service.

I have to admit that its products are durable, stylish, and connected smoothly with one another. Therefore, once their customers use one product, such as iPhone, they usually cannot skip the others like Macbook or iPad.

About customer service, it provides an online support right on its website and Genius Bars, where their clients can talk to experts. I remember when I bought my first iPhone 5 and it had a small problem with Home button. I immediately contacted to its website and received an answer within only 5 minutes. Besides, its employees’ attitude is always courteous, which made me very pleasant.

I think those are the reasons why Apple’s customers always come back again and again to buy its products. And Apple’s profits just keep raising and raising without any sign of ending.

I am also trying to create a customer service just like that. And fortunately, thanks to the consultants, my company always gains 5 stars for customers’ satisfaction in the survey at the end of every recent year. So just enhance your customer service to keep your customer loyalty and your company’s sales will never stop rising.

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Improve company’s products

quality control

Customer service can be described as a bridge between company and clients. Without it, you would not know what your customers are requiring, what their needs are, or whether they are satisfied with what you provide.

Because they spend a significant amount of money on your company’s products, they also hope for instant support and answers from customer service department. So having a good customer service as well as increasing sales has the same meaning with always possessing clients’ opinions and improving your output.

My consultants are an instance for you. And in that survey at the end of each year, I always ask my clients a question: “How can we serve you better?” Surprisingly, tons of ideas were sent back to me. Therefore, I had been improving quite a lot of the product’s function as well as services and increasing massive profits every year.

Gain new customers

Gain new customers

Human has a funny feature is that they love sharing. People in the same group or society share almost everything. And when your product or service is good, they will tell people around them to use it. However, when the opposite thing happens, they can create a strong enough power to tumble your company down.

Therefore, building a fantastic customer service is still the best solutions to maintain and grow your sales as well as your company. A person who is not very sociable has at least 200 relationships in his entire life. So when you satisfy one customer, you will satisfy about 200 other new ones.

Moreover, according to a research in 2014, more than 50 percent people are likely to share their opinions about a bad product or services on their social media rather than the good ones. And with the explosion of media nowadays, it takes only about 6 hours for a rumor to spread, which is three times faster than the old days.

So try to spread the good rumors about your company’s both products and services, your profits will definitely increase.

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Have you been enjoying my article so far?

I hope you can find the most efficient information in it. Increasing sales is not difficult. You only need a little patience, well-trained employees, and a great customer service. So check again to see if your company is satisfying customers by solving their problems, improving products, and earning their trust. If you are not, these are some things that you can do:

  • Speed up responding to customers.
  • Be calm with negative feedbacks.
  • Invest more on technology (improve the quality of social media, delivery system, and so on).
  • Collecting a larger number of customers.

And in last words, I hope your company will have the most excellent customer service and earn highest sales in only the next couple months. If you have any questions, please comment. I would always want to have discussions with you.

Goodbye, and see you in the following articles.

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