what color makes you want to buy something

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According to a survey conducted and published on KISSmetrics several years ago, 93 percent of consumers made their purchase decision basing on visual appearance. And 84.7 percent of them claimed that color was the primary factor for them to buy a product.

From those data, we, marketers, can see that colors have a significantly direct effect on customers’ decisions and indirect to our sales and profits. Therefore, discovering the meaning of colors will massively help you to increase your income. We will study about the main colors to find out what color makes you want to buy something.

What color makes you want to buy something

  1. Yellow

This is the most attractive color you can use for your store or company. Yellow often stimulates a feeling of positive and youthful life. Its meaning varies in different countries and cultures, but in general, it symbolizes the sunshine, warmth, and as a result, happiness.

Customers are often attracted immediately if your store or company has some yellow on it. If you have a brand new operation, you can paint or decorate it with yellow. I believe a greater number of customers will come. Furthermore, yellow also increases appetite and helps people enjoy their meals better. So if you own a restaurant, yellow flowers or tablecloth can be perfect solutions.

  1. Red

Excitement, urging, and passion is what marketers say about this color. So don’t ask why red sports cars charge higher fees for insurance. This color increases people’s energy, blood pressure, and heartbeats. It also shows a leading spirit with great determination to earn something.

That is why red has a high urging power on your customers, especially those who are impulsive and procrastinating. However, it’s really hard to find out who are such customers; therefore, decorations may not be efficient to use this color. It’s best to apply it to clearance sales when everyone already has a high need for shopping. You can choose any red item you want, such as posters, slogans, pictures, and so on, for your store. Your sales day will be very bustling.

  1. Blue

Blue is like a cute kid in the family because most people are fond of it. It is usually considered a symbol of peace, trust, and loyalty. That is why seeing it will make people feel safer and more reliable. Moreover, if you enter a negotiation, wearing something blue can create a higher control of the component and therefore, make a much wiser decision.

Perhaps, it’s a reason why you can usually see blue in companies, banks, or large corporations, such as Facebook, Pepsi, Ford, or Dell. If you want customers to buy your product as soon as they see it, blue is probably not a good idea. But if you need to create loyal clients, it will be perfect. To use it correctly, you should pay attention to your target customers, products and niches, and company’s mission statement. You will see where to apply blue.

  1. Green

I always think of environment when seeing green. In fact, most people would share the same thinking with me. Unlike red, green can create relaxation, generate a healthy image, and encourage creativity. It is also related to wealth and prosperity so many people would love to have it as the primary color for their house.

Green works best when you do business in beauty, health, or traveling industry. If you are having owned a spa, salon, hotels, or even the old people’s home, green will be the best color. Paint the buildings with green or planting trees are the most optimal choices. Try them if you want.

  1. Orange

You can use this color to close the deal. In my opinion, it has a little of each red and yellow. Comparing to red, it creates less energy but much more aggression. And seeing it also relates to warmth and happiness just like yellow. But it does not only encourage the physical or mental strength. It motivates the emotions from the inside.

Therefore, it serves as a fantastic call-to-action for your product. If you are an affiliate marketer, working on a commercial site, or managing an online business, you will find orange very easy to apply. Coloring orange for your call-to-action button will optimize its effects, and I believe sales will come to your just like a storm.

  1. Pink

The last color in the series represents girls and their adorability. It’s the combination of white and red; therefore, it shares the powerful feeling of red and also the purity of white. That is why pink is the most common color for icons about love, compassion, and nurturing.

If you are selling products for girls and women, I have a strong faith that pink will bring you tons of revenues and profits. Its romantic and feminine feature will make the girls love your store at first sight. Pink also has a high power to calm your customers down and create a great relaxation. I have a friend who owns a flower shop, and she makes pink the main color for her store. With the beautiful odors from the flowers and the cuteness of the pink decorations, I never see her complain about lacking customers. You will be in her position as well if you know how to take advantage of this color.


So to answer the question what color makes you want to buy something, my opinion is any color. It depends on what you are selling, your business’s spirit, and what you hope to bring to your clients. Once you have identified those, you will know which one you should apply to boost your sales.

To sum up, thank you for reading my article and if you like it, do share it. Other marketers and managers will be very cheerful when discovering such profitable knowledge. Furthermore, if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below, and I will answer them as soon as I can. Goodbye, and I hope to see you in my subsequent writings.

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