According to the National Restaurant Association, about 10 percent of people prefer to eat dinner at a restaurant on Christmas Day. What does this mean? This mean Christmas is a great chance to engage old customers and attract new ones. If you’re a keen business person and finding the best hacks to increase sales during Christmas time, you’ll know how important to make an excellent strategy of what you should do and how to do. This makes my list of 10 tips for restaurant to serve customers during Xmas time worthy for you to spend some time. They’re great for not only Xmas time but also other holidays.

1. Decorate your Restaurant

Tips for Restaurant to Serve Customers during Xmas Time


Of course, this is something you cannot forget when it comes to Christmas. Decorating ideas for Christmas are various. Some include dressing the cashiers, waiters, and waitresses in red and white (Santa costume), converting the dining hall into a Santa workshop, hanging trees with lights, well-wishers, messages, gift cards or any décor, using winter landscape wallpapers, adding red and white accents to the tables, etc.

2. Make the Menu Special

Don’t be afraid to change the most important thing in your restaurant – food – on Christmas day. Create a special menu by adding traditional Xmas dishes or trying something fresh. Serving a multi-course prix fixe dinner is also a brilliant idea to introduce your complete meals to your customer. Offering at least three courses, including the appetizers, main, and desserts. What’s about the drinks? If you can, give them as a bonus or at least a discount. Pre-dinner drinks (apéritif) to stimulate the appetite, such as cocktails and Champagne, or after-dinner drinks (digestif) to aid the digestion, such as eggnog and mulled wine.

3. Give Giveaway Gift Cards

Gift cards are great “weapons” to “remind” your customers of your service. By providing special offers to them, gift cards can extend your sales into the new year. It’s also important to know how to promote your gift card offers. My suggestion is installing a display in the front of your restaurant in conjunction with social networking sites or website promotion. Besides, hanging gift cards as ornaments on Christmas tree is also a great idea to get your guest’s attention.

4. Gift-Giver Incentives

A smart way to add value to your gift cards is combining gift giving and incentives to increase the denominations. For example, you can offer a $10 bonus for each gift card of $100 or more. Or you can give a free beverage if your customer buys a $50 gift card. They’re both great tips for restaurant to serve customers during Xmas time.

5. Promotional Video

Video marketing is very powerful in the modern day of society where everything is available on the Internet. What should you record in your video? Film your chef as he/she is preparing special dishes for Christmas or traditional holiday food. Since your customers would like to know what food you serve and how you produce it, they might like to take a look at your video. Moreover, share your video on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to make it spread. And don’t forget to include the video link in every gift card you give.

6. Music and Buffet Party

Tips for Restaurant to Serve Customers during Xmas Time


Holiday is the time to organize funny parties, so why don’t make the one for your restaurant where your unapprised customers will become the participants. Play Christmas themed music. Prepare high-quality mics as well as some common kinds of musical instrument like guitars or pianos. Encourage them to sing and dance by making a contest and offering rewards. You might hire a professional singer for live music even though this way will cost you a lot.

7. Hold a Charity Event

Xmas is a time of best wishes, smiles at strangers, and donations as well. Thus, it would be the best days to organize a fundraiser. You can place a money box painted with the words: “Subscribe to a charity” or “Raise fund for charity” right in front of your restaurant and encourage people (both your customers and pass-by people) to do a good thing. If you’re afraid that this way could be misunderstood by suspicious people who think you’re cheating them for your self-interest, you can cooperate with a charitable organization. People will have sympathy for your restaurant, and you can “kill two birds with one stone”: do a right thing and market your business.

8. 10 Meals Paid and 1 Meal Free

On year-end days, people tend to eat by the group at restaurants because this is the time for them to hold family reunions, friend parties, year-end meeting, office parties, etc. As a result, it’s a great opportunity to give special bonuses, such as offer one free meal for each 10 paid bookings. A 20-booking meal will, therefore, cost the same amount of money as an 18-booking one, and so on.

9. Change your Restaurant Website Theme into Christmas

Tips for Restaurant to Serve Customers during Xmas Time


People visit your restaurant website because they want to do two things: finding the info and booking. And at first glance after accessing, what they will see first is your website theme. So, I strongly recommend you to change your usual website theme into something related to Christmas or new year. With such little change, you will get the first impression from your visitors who is probably going to have a dinner at your restaurant.

10. A “Happy New Year” Wish Card

Whatever you will do whether offering giveaway gift cards or not, make sure you hand your guests a thank-you card with a “Happy New Year” wish as they’re getting paid. It’s simple but very important because how much you care about your “Gods” is expressed through it. Customers will feel such care, and surely, they will return soon on one day.

Don’t get overwhelmed by my long list. Just remember that whatever you do, making your customers satisfied with your service is the most important. If you have any unique idea to add into our tips for restaurant to serve customers during Xmas time, just leave your comment below. You really appreciate your contribution.

Merry Christmas! Bye!

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