Customer Centric Strategy: 4 examples which can change your business forever

Meta: Customer centric strategy will be the top tendency in the next few years. This post is published to offer you 4 quick advice of customer centric strategy examples.


The voice of your clients has the power to flourish or demolish your property forever. In other words, customer orientation is the key to getting business success. These days, more and more companies focus on bringing the greatest experience for their customers, which makes customer centric strategy will be the top tendency in the next few years.


As you might have known, your clients aren’t interested in you. They only care about themselves and their needs. If your products cannot meet those requirements, you will fail. I’m pretty sure about that!

This post is published to offer you 4 quick advice of customer centric strategy examples. We’ve chosen businesses who are successful in finding their great returns from marketing.

What are the Four Customer Centric Strategy Examples?


Advice: Communicate WHY your customers should choose you before WHAT you do for them.

As I said before, your customers don’t care about what you do; they only care about WHY your services are outstanding and WHY they should put their faith in you instead of the others. And that makes Virtual is the leader in their field.

Virtual is a professional and trade management company. Even though they deal with a broad range of industries, such as ICT Trade Association, Online Communities, Technology Industry Alliances, Advocacy Groups, etc., this company only describe their complete business in 3 simple stages to keep their message clear, even if their business is complicated.

As I listen to them, I quickly realize that this company can help me start, transform, and manage my association in an effective way, so I can “get my rolling better and faster.” They’re successful in showing WHY they are prominent, and I get the idea making them stand out from the crowd.

On the market these days, there are dozens of firms delivering the same services as Virtual. The majority of them only focus on showing you their giant list of services before telling you the benefits of choosing them. Virtual is the only one that communicates WHY before WHAT as their slogan: “Spend 100% of your day doing the things that matter most, and leave the rest to us.”

Simon Sine, a pioneer of customer centric message, had a great talk on TED with a topic called “Start with WHY - How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” Check the video, and you will have more customer centric strategy examples to refer.


Advice: Do everything to capture what the customers really need.


From the day of foundation until now, Amazon has got the biggest success in their field. No surprise why this company is included in our list.

A short but accurate statement to represent the appreciation for Amazon’s customers is that they inject customer centricity into their body. As Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said: “The customer is the most important person in his room.” He had claimed that by always leaving one seat empty in the conference room.

For a stronger move, Bezos take an extraordinary action to have insight into their client’s standpoints and desires. Instead of indirectly receiving the customer’s needs, each year, he and other Amazon managers have to attend at least two days of the call center to listen and answer their customer queries as professional switchboard operators.

Furthermore, Bezos has grown a “culture of metrics” where he believes that face-to-face tests of client’s perceptions to various features of products and website designs help them understand more about their “Gods.”

For more incredible lessons from Jeff Bezos, you can take a look at here.



Advice: Listens to users and expands the Safety Check feature

It’s widely claimed that Facebook takes a great care of their users in term of social experience. Today, I will not discuss this aspect, but I would like to tell you a different one that you might not know.

Shortly after the first Paris terrorist attack, Mark Zuckerberg decided to open a feature called Safety Check for Facebook. It allows users to announce their family and friends that they’re in the safe zone. However, the feature was only activated for users around the affected area in Paris, and that makes users in other cities as well as countries, which are likely to be attacked by terrorist, unhappy.

Facebook quickly modified and broadened the Safety Check to other parts of the world where violence is becoming more and more abominable. Even if they cannot cover all, they proved that they always care about their customer demands, not only in term of social experience but also stinging problems in our society.

Mark Zuckerberg thanked users and promised to continue to discover how his company can help more people who are suffering in as many of terrible circumstances as they can.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Advice: Instantly handle the customers’ objections to make them feel as comfortable as possible.


If you access to Ramit Sethi’s website and go to the “Why Ramit” tab, what you will see is the proof of his success, from his very young days of starting his business to the day that he become the bestselling author of New York Times, ABC News, Fox Business, and more. In short, he tells a lot of fail and success stories of himself and convinces people that he is reliable.

Why does he do it? Because he wants his readers to believe that they could be as successful as him. He wants them to trust in his methods. And more important, he wants to instantly overcome his customer’s objections to make them feel as comfortable as possible.


It’s time to change the way of doing business. Instead of trying random marketing strategies and hope them succeed, why don’t you take a further step with customer centricity? More companies are trying to improve their customer satisfaction and diminish the churn.

Hope our customer centric strategy examples useful for you! Thank you for reading!

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