Organizations, especially retail business are familiar with the term ‘Point of sale’ (POS), which is a total process from the time when you place orders to the time when retail transaction is completed. The more POS become prevalent, the more overwhelming we are when selecting one among thousands of POS software brands. In this post, we provide you with useful information about one of reliable software – RockPOS. Below are 4 outstanding features of this marvelous tool:

Easy payment

RockPOS is extremely versatile, which allows customers to pay both by card and cash, not to mention that you can add, edit, delete or do whatever you want to manage your own payment. Furthermore, you don’t have to be confused when there’re foreigners coming to your shops. Because prices now can be converted to the new currency automatically thanks to RockPOS.

Easily inventory management.

Do you know that 83% of customers may stop shopping due to out-of-stock items? RockPOS would help you filter products by categories and search for products quickly and smoothly. Besides, you are able to identify and track items by specific size, season and color together with display stock level in autocomplete search.

As a result, you can identify trends at your store and make sure that prevalent and in-season items are well stocked. Not only can you reduce inventory, but you can manage it easily as well.

Flexible interaction.

Customers can place orders via phone, chat or even make ‘offline’ orders without accessing online websites, or going through complex steps before checkout. With new version 2.4.2 of RockPOS, the process that your customers make orders now is just a snap!


You can add discounts that will apply either to all the items in a customer’s basket (in percentage % or fixed amount) or to specific items only (in percentage % or fixed amount).


Above is just a short list of functions provided by RockPOS. Contact us if you want to receive more features as well as information about this fabulous tool.


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