We have made a big transition from RockPOS 2.4 to RockPOS 3.0 with the aim to introduce a new version of New sale page, which will give your staffs and your customers new experience.

This article summarizes what’s new in the most wanted version of RockPOS.

Layout changes

Leaving the old-fashion design behind, RockPOS 3.0 now comes with a totally new design, new look and feel and new experience. Clean and responsive.

Almost blocks are now grouped and converted to popups. It will let you concentrate on what’s important to you and to your customers in queue, such as product list and total summary. Want to give a discount, to take note? Or just to accept payment and complete sale? All are ready there for you, just click on a right button, then take a right action.RockPOS 3.0 - New design. Clean and responsive

RockPOS 3.0 is now more responsive on tablets. Selling on iPad is easier than ever. But it’s just the beginning of a new story. Selling with RockPOS is like installing a game, which is tempting to all of us, to all RockPOS users like you.
Pick up combinations

Moreover, you can pick up combinations with ease and vision. You are looking for a T-shirt in different sizes and different colors? Or even when you want to change from one color to another color… everything is under your fingertips. Just tap or click, indeed!


Incremental cachingBetter performance

It was a pain for people, especially when working with a big database. But in 3.0, all most of transaction data is cached at browser, so that RockPOS just only sends and receives pieces of data from your server but still keeps the transaction synced in real time.

1+ for searching feature which is cached at browser as well. Let’s say, you’re looking for shirts, RockPOS will decide if it should request to your server or not. It happens for the first time only. Next time, maybe in the same transaction or another transaction, all matched items of shirts will be shown up immediately. Incremental caching is the concept you might haven’t heard about, but now you know, it’s an important technology of the software that you’re working with.

Technologies behind

Last by not least, RockPOS 3.0 can’t be done without a new technology named ReactJS. What’s ReactJS anyway? Yes, it’s challenging if you are not a tech guy, it seems.

ReactJS is a front-end framework introduced by Facebook. You know, Facebook nowadays is approved as the best social network which can handle tons of requests a second. ReactJS provides a “platform” for robust applications and makes them maintainable, scalable, more stable and especially it helps cutting off development time. We bring all of these into RockPOS 3.0. Now you can imagine what’s next in RockPOS: faster development and less buggy.

Anyway, 3.0 is just the start of the new journey, the new era of RockPOS. There will be many things to come in the next 3 months and in the next year. Write the feature you’re waiting for, in comments below.

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