E-commerce has changed both the way we do business and the attitudes and behaviors of customers when purchasing goods over recent years. If in the past, customers had limited options and their satisfactions almost depended on the adequate stock of retailers. And only when the goods they need were out of stock did they have to reach competitors’ outlets. But today, before they shop in stores, many customers compare prices and other features online. Shopping at distant retailers is now as easy as shopping down the street due to the fact that customers are no longer bound by geography.

This increased competition has converted the retail relationship. But on the other hand, their willingness to nitpick creates a grand opportunity for retailers. By thoroughly comprehending customer psychology and their expectations every business can optimize their sales, enhance the shopping experience, and thereby meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Here are the keys:

  1. Customer service

Solving their problems whenever customers have questions or issues is not enough. The point is that you need to both solve their problems so simply and quickly as possible, and prevent dissatisfied customers from leaving simultaneously.

So how to achieve that? There’s only one answer: great customer service. People buy because of your product or brand, but most often leave because of poor customer service. And remember that ‘one customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10000 worth for advertising’.

  1. Trust

Trust is the most important factor keeping your customers staying with your brand, and also the longest and toughest road you have to build. It’s a hard task to build loyalty in the era of e-commerce, where customers can compare the price of competitors’ products and yours by just a click.

From my point of view, the key to customer trust in the new e-commerce age is often downplayed: managing risk. Well eliminating and managing risk, successfully finding ways and bearing it themselves instead of posing a burden of risk to customers’ shoulders create the foundation on which trust is built.

  1. Fast and free

Actually, many customers demand free delivery of their online purchases. Free shipping remains the most powerful marketing promotion ever invented. Retailers should apply it to their online sales and marketing efforts.

Consumers don’t mind waiting a few days for their orders if shipping is free. They’re also pleased to pay for expedited deliveries. Obviously, combining fast and free is not easy, but you are totally able to find a fast, low-cost delivery method.

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