Pricing in retail might be complicated as you have to deal with different groups of customers.

It usually depends on:

  • The item itself
  • The category of that item
  • The group a customer belongs to
  • In many cases, it also takes delivery address into account

Beyond that, you still wanna give a special price on specific item for a customer? Just give him/her a discount at 5%, 10%, etc… This most likely is to decrease price of an item.

But what if you intend to increase price? Directly in RockPOS? It was a pain for us, unless you switch to Catalog page and try to update price of that item, then go back to RockPOS and add the item to order. It really takes time (a minute or 2 or even more), and your customers don’t likely want to wait, especially when they are in a long queue.

Understanding that matter, we design the awesome feature, so that salesmen can change (I mean, to increase) price of any item. Even better, the price only takes effect to the current order, the current customer which you can’t achieve with updating product price.

Change product price

In the other words, you can change product’s price directly in the order and only applied to that order. You not only give a discount but also increase the price.

While pricing is flexible in RockPOS, please keep in mind that, for the same item, you should avoid touching to price twice, one with discount, and one with price itself, as the last one will take effect. In some scenarios , it could lead to conflict and confuses your customer.

Edited price in receipt

Last but not least, the changed price is reflected as it is in receipt; the original price is hidden to your customers. That makes sense for people when the price is going up!

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