For every ecommerce merchant, new customers mean new business. Winning new customers together with exploiting old customers are 2 key factors to boost sales and increase profits. But how to achieve these target? Here are some tips and tactics for your merchants.

Improve the quality of delivery for retention.

There’s no doubt about the importance of customer retention rates. Delivery can be a pain for online retailers. They may sell quality products, provide an excellent online experience, but the final step of the process is taken charged of third parties that do not necessarily share the company’s values. Your company, therefore, should keep customers informed on the progress of their delivery and make the process as convenient as possible.

For examples, before delivering goods to your customers, your company should text, email or call them, making sure that they can keep track of their orders.

Put special products in the suggest feature

In a digital world, promptitude and convenience are placed first. Your customers always demand that they can shop quickly and have no difficulties in finding what they are looking for. Therefore, it is essential that your e – merchant should use a suggest feature, which auto-completes keywords typed into a search box. The search solution should be configured so that best selling, new or high-margin products are presented first.

Reach out, connect on social media and post more often.

Social media, which is the most ideal place to build and cultivate relationships with your customers, is increasingly developing. It’s your customers that can be your brand ambassadors. They want to hear more about new products, promotions as well as receive more details to confirm that your products, your brand are their right choice. Therefore, it’s crucial that social channels should remain regularly to connect with old customers, gain more new customers and driving them back to your store often.

No registration required.

Many websites force customers to register before proceeding to checkout. But do you know that a website can increase the revenue by $300 million by offering customers the option to register or not. The best alternative is to provide a ‘continue as guest’ button taking the customer straight to checkout. The account is still made during the checkout process but your customers certainly have better feelings about your services.

Above are just some outstanding tips and tactics to increase the revenue for your business. Contact us if you want to receive more information. Website:

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