POS system

For many business owners, point of sale system (POS system) has become a pivotal component helping their business run smoother, enhance customer experience, save time and reduce costs. It’s easy to make a mistake when choosing a point of sale software because today we have many options. This article will help you avoid 7 common mistakes below:

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Not understand your business

Knowing the features that your business need in a POS system will help you go straight on your way, narrow your search and speed up the process of implementing POS. For example, a fast food restaurant needs a faster and simpler system than a retail boutique. And a more complex software like RockPOS with inventory-related features and barcode scanning will be perfectly suitable for a retail shop

If you downplay the role of determining your business’s needs, you may cope with the risks of incompatible or unnecessary features, and failing to perform business-critical functions.

Buying without researching

The second mistake that so many companies usually make is that they do not enough research or jump into the final choice without trying first. A Point of sale solution may look great on paper, but you cannot grasp the whole picture unless you take it for a test drive.

Almost POS software today offers a limited free trial, usually 1 or 2 weeks. In the next post, I will present must-have features of a system so that you can easily compare and pick out the most suitable one. But if the system you are keen on does not offer a free trial, you should at least require a demo of the system so you can see it in action.

Only focus on technical features

Many people suppose that the most important criteria when choosing a Point of sale system is the technical matters. It’s not totally wrong, but it may lead you to focus solely on these technical features and overlook other important features like customer service or the number of years in business. Excellent customer service means that you are able to solve issues with ease and efficiency and the POS vendor will care about serving you better or helping you grow.

Three common mistakes outlined above can cost your business a great deal of time and money. Follow us to learn more about 4 other common mistakes in part 2 of this post, and how we can avoid these mistakes.

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