Actually, I have spent 2 days thinking about how to provide you the most useful and interesting information of POS industry. And finally I found out that although we all know POS software has play an indispensable role in retail business, especially in retail boutiques, restaurants and bars, most of us are lack of knowledge about the software you are utilizing. In the previous post, I mentioned 6 steps to choose a right POS for your retail business. In this post, I will go into details and point out 5 significant features that your point of sale system must contain:

  1. Robust reporting

Reporting is the most important functionality in every point of sale system. It’s a perfect tool for getting customer interactions and gathering information such as purchase inventory, hourly transactions, weekly sales, monthly sales and annual sales.

  1. Data analysis

Reporting is not enough, your POS system must include data analysis for accounting purposes. Or as a manager, you can have an overview of your business through on-screen reports or charts. A good point of sale software means it is able to generate detailed sales reports that both clarify your best selling products and returns, record margins and measure the effectiveness of your pricing.

  1. Mobility

Perhaps your business requires to travel on a frequent basis to meet business partners. So you need a software that allows you to access online and stay connected with the business from anywhere remotely. It is extremely convenient for franchises and business having many locations and branches.

  1. Quality hardware

Your point of sale system’s hardware should be functional, durable and potential. For example, you intend to expand your business, but your POS system cannot meet your business’ requirements of growing. In this case you should switch to a system that is constantly updated like RockPOS. This POS software has been upgraded to 3.0 with lots of outstanding functionalities. You can see more here: What’s new in RockPOS 3.0

So your thoughts? Comment below to let us know.


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