Drones, free shipping and packages delivered at a specific time and location are predicted as future shipping trends in e-commerce industry. In this post, we will continue to discover 3 other shipping trends that may have a great impact on e-commerce:

  1. Customers have more options to choose

Normally, buyers just have few options at checkout including: standard, expedited and overnight. Flexible shipping offering shoppers more choices is expected for a long time but it hasn’t become a reality.

Your company should be a pioneer and think about adding additional delivery choices such as local pickup, carrier-specific options, same day shipping and more. It helps you both avoid shopping cart abandonments and satisfy customers.

  1. Technology keep creating innovation

“Shipping is likely to evolve quickly now. That evolution is likely to be uneven but while 2030 is not far away, we think that shipping is likely to have changed significantly.” said LR marine director Tom Boardley.

Technology has played an indispensable role to shipping and helped shipping processes run smoother and more accurately. With the right tool, business can analyze information, through pricing histories, mobile device usage, website traffic or location. This can improve efficiencies and productivity at workplace, together with eliminating bias, reducing overall business costs and improving practices.

  1. More fulfilment options

For e-commerce retailers, fulfilment is the most important step. Unless your inventory line is small, you should look into getting a third-party to handle the fulfilment for you. It’s an investment on your part to speed up and make the fulfilment process more efficient, thereby helping out your buyers at the same time.

Knowing what will happen in the future with shipping industry and taking advantage of opportunities accomplishing with these trends will help your retail business improve customer satisfaction, compete with the big competitors and become the leader in the whole industry. So your thoughts?

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