why we use social media

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Have you ever asked yourself why you get access to Facebook every morning when you wake up?

Well, I have. In fact, that is the reason why I am writing this article today. And also, to demonstrate a very crucial function that makes us use social media, which will be mentioned later.

If the question why we use social media has just popped out in your head, you can keep reading to find out.

Why We Use Social Media

  1. To meet new people

A research several years ago concluded that a person would have at least 200 relationships in his entire life. And that is probably the result of us meeting new people every single day. With the explosion of social media, I believe the total number has been increased to over 500 now.

Just take Facebook as an example. When you like a fan page or add other people to our friends list, it is synonymous with entering a new community with new relationships. And when you post something on those pages or groups, it means that you announce with everyone there that you are a member. That creates a chance for them to connect with you closer and better. That’s why people use social media as a way to meet new people and be insiders of the whole world.

  1. To keep in touch

I live in Virginia, America and I have a cousin, who is very close and at the same age as me. But the problem is he lives in China, which is all the way across the globe. And he and I cannot stand meeting each other only once a year. So what should we do?

Social media play a very active and efficient role in this situation. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on are the things that connect use with each other. To many other people, social media can also be a bridge to their loved ones. There used to be plenty cases in which sisters or brothers could find each other after many years apart. I think those are the miracles that the keep-in-touch feature of social media could every possibly do.

  1. To search for information

How many times have you searched for clothes shops or cosmetics shops on Instagram instead of Google?

To be honest, I have done that hundreds of times. Sometimes, with certain items and niche, social media can be use to look for information better than search engine tools. Mine is an example.

And shops are not the only thing you can find. There are social events, seminars, workshops, services, and products that you can make use of social media to discover. Try and you will see.

  1. To learn

We also cannot deny that social media have become a mixture of all types of information, where people share almost everything. Their feelings, thoughts, work of art, or even an e-book, blog post, and slides presentation can be reached out any time when they share them to the world. And those pieces of information are under a lot of forms, such as articles or videos.

When you read or watch them, you will definitely learn a new thing. For instance, when you are about to buy an old bike and you want to re-paint it but don’t know how, a video in Youtube can become a significant help. Or you need to find a type of turmeric formula that helps your skin glow, an article from an expert who you find her Facebook would be perfect. Learning new things is always fantastic and sufficient with social media.

  1. To entertain

Although I am not addicted to any social channels, I still have to admit that they are the greatest tools to kill the time. When I’m free some time at noon, scrolling Facebook up and down is my favorite habit. Reading jokes, watching funny videos, films, listening to new songs, or playing games are some common things I do. Otherwise, it would be watching photos of beautiful sights on Pinterest or reading my friends’ posts on Twitter.

I’m sure you have the same feeling as mine in several aspects. And you may see yourself in some situations I claimed as well. Whatever entertaining functions you are using, just don’t get involve too much. You know how addictive they can be. Keep yourself busy and only use it about an hour a day, then you will be fine.

  1. To make money

Online businesses have flourished in about the past 7 to 8 years. Various people have even become millionaires thanks to doing business online and building a company basing on it. Some firms even use it to expand their market and approach a greater number of customers. I think it is one of the most common motivations for many of us starting using a channel of social media.

Moreover, capturing those needs, the builders of those have creating efficient tools to support marketers to build business on their social media. Mark Zuckerberg is just a smart CEO and also a brilliant pioneer in this issue. And he owns not only one social site but three ones, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you are planning to be an online marketer, try Facebook. You will obviously have a chance to expand your business to a broader area with the other two channels.

  1. To show yourself

What I mean in writing “to show yourself” is that you can express yourself in your own way with social media. You can upload your feeling at the end of a day, a picture of the place your have travelled, or even political point of view. People are the same in social media. In real life, you can be a doctor, worker, or engineer. But when you enter your social site, no one knows or really cares about who you are. They only think that this guy or girl has just posted something very sad or exciting. And they feel like it.

Of course, there will be judgments and different ideas but mostly, it’s still easier to express yourself when you are in social media than in real life. In my opinion, it is an important reason why at times, we stick with them all day.


I hope you have discovered the reasons why we use social media and which function you take advantage the most. If you like my article, do share it. It’s quite useful if your friends find out these practical pieces of information just like you. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

To sum up, thank you for reading my writing and I would see you in my subsequent ones. Goodbye.

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