What To Do After Christmas Season When Sales Drop

Pre-Christmas is the best time in years to “throw” discounts and offers to increase sales. The majority of businesses take advantage of this end-year season to boost their sales and gain as much profit as possible.

However, there is a sad fact that usually happens when it comes to the first days of a new year – around the first of January. Everything start dramatically descending. More awful, buyers begin returning things, which makes an immense wreckage, particularly, in case you’re in charge of balance all the delivery bills. That is tremendous, which could make you feel discouraged and think about sinking income. The worst thing is that your business could fall into a stagnation phase for a few months.

Is there any approach to keep away from this? Luckily, there is. You might have to face with a slump, but you have the capacity to recuperate from this slump more rapidly and soon get back to your prosperousness.

Here are some best tips to avoid after-Christmas sales drop!

What To Do After Christmas Season When Sales Drop?

New Year! New Products!

Most marketers and web-based businesses concentrate on investigating their sales or restocking their stock. In other words, they tend to set down for a long winter’s sleep. So, what does that mean? That means it’s an ideal opportunity for you to do something different to step up and stand out from the crowd.

After-Christmas is the perfect time to create freshness. From a psychological stance, clients are in the new attitude and preparing to change over on new. Thus, you also need to be new, and new products should be your targets. Besides, take advantage of new-saturated mentality to provide new items.

Obviously, selling new products soon after the Christmas season requires a considerable measure of arranging and planning. It’s the very time when both online and local businesses are busy with dealing with the traffic increment. For whatever length of time that you prepare, you’ll have the capacity to do it!

New Year Preparations

Customer’s attitude changes significantly in the last days of the year. Straight up until the last minutes of December 31; they start getting inebriated, burning money, and gaining weight. Positive signs usually happen on January 1. Immediately, they keep control of temper and an assurance to “be a smarter buyer.” This is your opportunity to make a promoting jump.

What to do after Christmas season when sales drop

What To Do After Christmas Season When Sales Drop? Image Source: www.Amazon.com

Amazon is an outstanding example of new-year marketing because they know how to catch their customers for the next year. Even right on time in 2016, they’ve prepared their website for 2017 with 2017 fitness planners and journals. They know exactly when to take into account those better impulses. They know that buyers aren’t going to spend money on fast food, expensive clothes or high-grade toys anymore. So, they decide to deliver products that promise to improve their customer’s new year’s targets.

The following are what people tend to buy in the new year:

  • Products giving organization and efficiency. There’s a gigantic class of things in this category. Anything from note papers to calendars can be pitched with the new year. After going crazy and releasing all the stress and anxiety resulted from the old year, people tend to look for ways to repair their lifestyle, and this is the reason why organization and efficiency can be requested in a massive way.
  • Products improving health: By a long shot, the greatest category of products goes to workout plans, fitness journals, food supplements, diet schedules, and exercise equipment. In case you’re in or close to these specialties, prepare for a new year’s market with them.
  • Products doing cleanliness: People tend to start cleaning after the Christmas Eve. That’s why it’s a great idea to sell household cleaning and laundry.
  • Products improving security and protection: It’s nothing surprise when people start considering insuring their life after the new year. It’s a chance to showcase your safety items, smartphone cases, anti-virus software or home supervision systems.

Basically, anything that can be sensibly tied into the new year’s demands is the reasonable target for your after-Christmas marketing strategy.

Run a Contest

Holding a contest is an extraordinary trick to drive your sales since people adore winning and receiving valuable awards. Why don’t you think about holding some sort of contest identified with the objectives that your buyers set for the new year? As I said, after Christmas, people often set various new year’s targets: get in shape, eat healthier, back to exercises, reorganization, and so on.

If you’re able to meet some of these demands and offer the winner an award because he/she accomplished their objective, they’re probably going to join in whatever challenge you’re holding. It’s recommended to do it right after the new year.

Sale Again!

Soon after you’ve given all of your bonuses, such as promotions, coupons or discount, to your customers, you can prepare to do everything over again. People purchase your products not only because it’s the Christmas season, but because of your bonuses. In this way, if you keep on providing discounts or any promotion, you could have the chance to get your customers back for the next few months of clearance sales.

You might be burnt out on the deal; however, your customers aren’t. You don’t need to offer a similar attraction of sale, but an affordable price is sufficient to get you back on track. The following are a few ideas of post-Christmas sales:

  • How to deal with return: Sellers don’t want this, but customers do in case they need. So, my advice is to happily accept product returns, and your buyers will love you and come back your stores one day.
  • How to offer free gifts: We all love them. It will be very special if you give free gifts as thankful messages to your customers. And again, make they satisfied with your service.
  • What about loyalty program? Once a person buys something from you, invite his/her into your loyalty program. This way brings into play the most for first-time customers. Advertise back to them, encourage them to join your leads or turn them into members.
  • Is free shipping necessary? Yes, it is! This stick is simple but highly efficient. It’s also a great way to replace free gift-giving. Customers don’t want to pay any shipping fee. So, the primary thing is obviously not to charge independently to ship any longer. Moreover, customers likewise need to get your expansions in time and as quick as possible.



What To Do After Christmas Season When Sales Drop

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Christmas is the most dynamic shopping season of the year. With the immeasurable number of customers going back and forth on your site, remarketing them is a great idea.

According to infographic retargeting advertising statistics, retargeting has an unimaginable power

  • It can prompt to 147% higher conversion rates over time in certain industries.
  • With retargeting, 26% of customers returning and finishing the check-out process, while without retargeting, the figure for this measurement is only 8%.
  • 70% of retargeted visitors by ads are more likely to convert on e-commerce websites.
  • The CTR for retargeted ads is ten times higher than of the display ads.

Retargeting is similarly as prone to work in the new year as in the Christmas season. As opposed to giving your site a chance to grieve in the doldrums of individuals’ forgetfulness, offer them the retargeting attraction which could pull them back and constrain them to spend money.

Reuse your Gift Cards

Many businesses include an easy policy to their gift cards. That is as long as the buyers send emails to the businesses, they will “activate” the gift cards. It’s not necessary to re-offer gift cards to your customers. It’s simply bringing your delivered gift cards into play by taking action with customer’s email addresses that you harvested as your customers get bonuses or discounts from your gift cards.

What you have to do is to send emails to your customers and encourage them with new products and offers. By doing this, you can extend your sales into the new year.

Don’t hesitate to do it as soon as you can. Keep in mind that email addresses have “expiration date”. Many customers would easily forget that they bought from you. While their memories of Christmas purchase are still in mind, you can start sending attractive content to get them back.

Let’s Make Some Noise!

After the Christmas season, retailers are depleted. Your customers might be in such condition as well. Fortunately, in any case, they’re tuning in. They’re still there. If you can get uproarious when your competitors are sleeping, you’ll be the voice that buyers listen to more. Your business could show signs of improvement. Try not to go calm, whatever you do! It’s simply one of the best tips to avoid after-Christmas sales drop.

Take Advantage of Social Media Sites

We all know how powerful social media is, but we often don’t realize what is the best way to utilize it. If you have no idea how to do that, then you are no doubt passing up a great opportunity for the business growth. Social media allows you to connect with your clients, and thus, you can inform them of your new and fresh products, discounts, contests, etc.

A notable example of retail shopping sites is Pinterest. It’s a great idea to ensure your online buyers pin your items and add them to a list of things to get on one of their Pinterest sheets. By doing this, more Pinterest visitors can see your items. You can create a domino effect of visitors seeing and re-pinning your items.

Another advantage of social media sites is that they’re free. Also, they’re fantastic sources of referral traffic to your online business.


This year, instead of capitulating to the new-year stagnation, you can tighten things up with our best tips to avoid after-Christmas sales drop. Rather than waiting and praising, you can begin new-year kickass sales with new products, new discounts, and new strategies. Let’s ask you “What can I do to enhance in the post-Christmas season?”, then start planning. Of course, don’t forget my tips “What To Do After Christmas Season When Sales Drop!”.

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