Everybody says “money cannot buy love”, but surely a meaningful gift can. As indicated by Nextopia, in the week prior to Valentine’s Day, records show 11% increase in order value. This week is all about love. Maybe not everybody will get all starry-eyed and lovey-dovey; however, online sellers will surely love this season as it’s the time of the year with huge potential in sales boosting. Valentine is one of the greatest shopping seasons in the year, acquiring more sales value than Halloween, Super Bowl and St Patrick’s Day combined.

With careful planned strategies of sales boost tips for Valentine, regardless of what your customer demographics or your products is not enough “sexy” for Valentine theme, your online business can take the advantage from the week of power of love.

Some Strategies to Plan Ahead

Understand your Customers

In 2016, Valentine’s Day deals achieved an impressive record of $18.9 billion – as 1 in 4 Americans ordering Valentine gift online. Averagely, people from 25 to 34 years old want to spend around $200 for Valentine gifts, which is three times higher compared to the $77 budget of the 65-year-old adults.  Meanwhile, the 18 to 24 plan to spend a $169 budget for their gift. Let’s check tables below for some information what and where Americans planning to buy for Valentine’s day:

Research Reports from Previous Year

Unless it’s the first year of your business, you should take valuable information of this season a year ago (from POS system) for reference. You should start right from the week prior to Christmas to forecast holiday season shopping trends. In spite of the fact that it may appear to be dreary, you should do the same for this season of year and decide your year-to-date deal volume in comparison with the previous year.

Building up a benchmark will help you figure out what to expect from the current year’s Valentine’s Day surge and what to improve to boost sales during this special occasion. For instance, in case you realize that sales have increased 20% compared to this time of the previous year, it’s sensible to expect that Valentine’s Day sales will be similar.

Take this data and apply it for your ordering inventory. Business owner need to ensure that they will have enough stock to offer, but not all that much that may be stalled with things they cannot sell.

Early Start with Your Customers

In case you have been collecting email with iPad-based POS, this data is truly solid gold to use! If you are coming up with great Valentine’s Day deals and promotions, don’t keep it to just yourself, ready spread the love! The sooner your customers (both loyal and new) know about your store’s promotions the better. Do not announce your promotion program too late as you will miss out your business’ golden opportunity for boosting sales as even your most faithful buyers have completed their gift shopping.

Send email at least seven days before your promotion program starts and afterward another follow-up email a couple days before Valentine. This last email will build an urgency sense in the customers’ mind and urge them to shop your products. In this concern, Email Marketing really matters if you use it in the right time and in the right way.

How to Get Things Right if your Products are not Flowers or Jewelry?

If your product is not that Valentine, or not “sexy” enough for Valentine, no worries: Online customer’s interests are not all about hearts, roses or chocolates. Many sellers use Valentine season as a chance to promote various types (or even irrelevant types) of products, such as software, cars, home insurance or even saucepans. An interesting example is IKEA Australia. This seller releases furniture deals, offering free beds for “Valentine kids”, who was born in November. Obviously, this campaign went viral. Subsequently, a tiny bit of creative ideas can simply make your promotion desirable and relevant to your customers in Valentine season.

Target Single People is also a Good Idea

There will obviously be haters, who will disdain the cheesiness atmosphere that are all around the February 14th. Those Valentine haters might be forlorn, single or simply not exceptionally eager about this business occasion. Why not use this “negative feeling” as a good fortune for your online business?

By the right message, you can easily capture this group of customers, such as: “Not in the mood of having lovey-dovey in Valentine? Offer yourself a treat with our offer! The best is yet to come, shower yourself with bunches of gifts!”

If you are wondering whether this will work, we will let you know that sales on 11 Nov – Chinese Singles’ Day is the greatest online shopping day as Alibaba recorded impressive $14.3 billion sales. Meanwhile, Cyber Monday deals just achieved $3.07 billion.

So, all things considered. It might be single ones that have the greatest shopping potential. This surely your gold mine during this season for couples. With the message of Love and Pamper yourself on Valentine campaign, you can create the trick for boosting sales.

Sales Boost Tips for Valentine to Help You Make the Most of this Celebration of Love

Source: valentinesdaywishes.org

Keep your Website Theme Matching with the Holiday Theme but Simple

Make your advertisements and copies familiar and romantic. Think about questions people will use to search and buy gifts, use relevant expression/words for the Valentine cards. For examples, chocolates, Valentine’s deal/sales, travel, gift, dating, romantic, red sexy, etc. Upgrade your SEO and pages, insert keywords such as Valentine’s Day flowers/jewelry, famous romantic restaurants. By this, you will increase the chances to be found online or mentioned about.

Make a banner with the holiday theme to link your products to the Valentine’s Day. You can search for free illustrations and use them to promote your offers and discounts from eCommerce. However, be sure to keep your symbol and colors consistent with your brand.

Send Newsletters via Email

Classify your customers into different categories: by gender, by age or areas, etc. Send emails to remind them that Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Follow up with a sharing of which gifts to give on the holiday by using your blog, your WordPress or YouTube channel.

Run a Promotion, Sales, or Offer Coupons for the Valentine’s Day

A 20-30% discount will encourage people to purchase now. Create midnight flash sales with great discounts is also a good tip for boosting Valentine sales. Package a few items and even get out unnecessary inventories. You may offer a voucher of 10-20% off to customers who check in, take photos and write status on Facebook with your store name and address appeared. On the other hand, put some humor into your advertisements would be smart: “No more lonely this Valentine’s Day — 20% off jeans, they come in pairs!”

Valentine’s Day Competition

Invite couples to send their Valentine’s Day photographs (possibly shots of kissing) for an opportunity to win a special prize, any two individuals purchased together to get a sweepstakes for a lovely and romantic travel or even offer a discount for all customers entering the shop. Use online network and social media to connect with your potential customers. Have a giveaway present to those who “like” and share your Facebook/Twitter posts, give comments about their Valentine’s Day stories – especially those relevant to your services or products. Remember to include your distinctive hash tags in every content.

Keep your ideas well matched to the services or products you provide. For instance, if you are running an art supply shop then create a design competition of Valentine’s card. Customers may vote in store or online for their favorites. The announcement of the winner will be declared on the date of the main event – the Valentine’s Day and give them a prize.

With a bit of creativity and ambition, there are loads of things you could do to promote your shop and get more customers’ attentions to know about your brand.  help you advance your shop and get clients discussing your image. Don’t hesitate to give things a shot.

Make Gift Guides for Customers

One of the sales boost tips for Valentine is to make gift guides, one for him, and one for her. Categorize gifts by product types or price ranges so that the customers can easily choose one, which is suitable and meets their budget. Moreover, train your employees – sellers to be able to connect well with customers, give suggestions with gift ideas and how to upsell as well.

Guarantee that your Customers Receive the Product before the Holiday

Let your promotion appear in the whole purchasing progress, even when checkout and make sure the shipping reach your customers on time. If you cannot provide services at the last minutes, then you should give customers a notice of the latest day to order or purchase products.

Free Gift-Wrapping

Most of customers will appreciate if the suppliers provide a free wrapping along the products. This helps customers to save money and time.

Set a Pop-Up Sign to Collect Email Addresses for Discounts and Event News

According to an international research and training group, a pop-up can raise opt-ins over 400 percent compared to a normal in-line form.

Include Detail for Return in your Receipts

You will gain more trust and favorites from customers if you make the return policies and process simple, clear and easy to find.

Keep the Love Flowing

Why limit our expression to the people we love? How about running a promotion post of Valentine’s Day? Make an offer to all customers – or none to those who did not purchase for Valentine’s Day.

Do Nothing with Valentine’s Day

Does your business have any responsibilities to offer a discount on Valentine’s Day? Put humor on it and exploit the event at the same time. Instead of discounts, giving customers a chance to double points when purchasing products throughout the weekend will make no harm to the revenue.

Group Purchasing Promotion

Encourage customers to come in-group or refer friends to your loyal customer program with a small reward. Promotion offer such as: “50% off”, “Buy two pay one” or “Buy one get one free”, etc.

Last-Minute Promotion/Discount

Many people hold up but some do not have time until last minutes to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift. Get benefits from this by reminding them that you are the perfect answer for this issue! Try slogan such as “Valentine’s Day is here but you still have no ideas about the gift? We’re your perfect go-to spot.”

Extend your Promotion Period

Who told you promotions have to end the same day with the Valentine? Keep and highlight the promotion to attract more customers to visit and spend money. Be sure to continue using the Promotions feature to increase customer visits and spending.

Final Thought

Regardless of the possibility that your services or products do not promptly match the Valentine’s Day topic, let’s blend into the holiday’s spirit. Choose an item you need to promote. Connect with customers through online social medias or any other channels you are familiar with. This is entirely about you setting relationships with customers. Therefore, no need to afraid if they don’t buy today, because they may come back tomorrow.

All of those sales boost tips for Valentine above are no overhead or require too much time to think. It means that you still have a lot of time to mix up some attentions and imaginations to decorate and promote your store for this day. Give your ideas a little more consideration and add in a little surprise. Your customers may prefer something with more personal characteristics details, which are what some retailers can do more effectively and successfully than big brands.

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