5 tips for retailers to serve customers during Xmas time

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Christmas is always the busiest time of the year when people start shopping not only necessities but also pine trees, decorations, and all of the other festival stuff. Everyone hopes for a complete and prosperous Christmas and wishes for good things in the next year. And as a retailer, I am sure Christmas is your most expected period as well.

How can we not get excited when it is the time that we can earn the most significant profits of the year? Customers are always more generous in these periods, so if we provide them an excellent service, they will not hesitate to buy our products.

For experienced retailers, I think that you already know what to do. However, I am aware that many brand new retail marketers out there are still fumbling looking for the right way to go. Therefore, in this article, I will show you 5 tips for retailers to serve customers during Xmas time. I’m sure this would be the most fantastic Christmas to you.

Tips for retailers to serve customers during Xmas time

  1. Have a thorough plan

It’s always a new marketing phase when Christmas comes. Especially, it is the biggest sales time of the year, so you should plan ahead for at least three months. Revise everything you have been doing ever since to see if there is anything you need to fix. Furthermore, relocating customers’ needs, creating new goals, starting training employees and disseminating your Xmas spirit to them, and making a reasonable schedule for you and your staff are some of the things you can do to have a perfect plan.

In case you need help, check these pieces of information will make it more comfortable to build a program:

  • Past knowledge: If you are an experienced retailer, you can retrieve old data from the previous peak seasons and see what should be done and what should not. The same things happen to new retailers; however, instead of looking for old data, you can ask other salespeople just like for advice. I’m sure they will have excellent secret to share with you.
  • Customers’ needs: Although clients’ behaviors are changing every day, there are still various particular types of goods they often buy for Christmas. Just find out what is the feature that they need best from your store, and you will succeed in this special occasion.
  • Expenses: There are numerous costs that you need to total up every end of a year. And you should re-calculate them each Christmas because they are much larger than you think. The sooner you calculate them, the more time you have for preparation.

So you can begin thinking about the plan right now.

  1. Be available 24/24

Everything can be sold with a higher speed than usual in Christmas. And customers’ request can come anytime, whether directly or through the cell phone. Therefore, making your goods ready is a very necessary task.

To do that, you need to have a high prediction on your clients’ needs, which is already mentioned in the last part and keep your warehouse stocked all the time. Moreover, build a good relationship with your suppliers and discover their available products before making transactions. You will find out how much beneficial a great relationship is when you need your products in a short time.

Besides, your clients will definitely feel more satisfied when their orders are replied quickly and perfectly. So be ready every time, everywhere, and you will earn much more than just profits this Christmas.

  1. Make wise decisions on marketing strategy

If you already prepare a firm plan, building a marketing strategy will not be an obstacle for you. These are some methods that retailers usually apply to boost their sales on Christmas:

  • Cross-selling: It’s always a brilliant strategy, particularly on Xmas. Make sure the additional products you introduce are perfectly matched with the ones customers buy. They won’t refuse to purchase slightly a little more.
  • Gift-giving: Vouchers, special offers, or buy one give one are often made use of in this strategy.
  • Running events: Drawing-the-winner events or small game show for prizes are quite popular at a retail business at the end of the year.
  • Have special treats for loyal customers: And this is what I always do in Christmas. As experts have researched, 80 percent of revenue comes from only 20 percent of regular visitors and loyal customers. Therefore, try to spend time searching a little about them. Then, send a gift that is suitable to their hobbies with a thank-you note. I’m sure your revenue will rise not only this Christmas but also in the new year.
  1. Create a new look for your store

The atmosphere is what I am mentioning here. Every other retailer is decorating their stores with trees, ornaments, wreaths, and even snowman. So why don’t you?

Just place yourself into a client position and think. A store having Christmas atmosphere will naturally make you feel more enthusiastic to purchase things. And if your store is decorated well and magnificent, your income will even remarkably increase.

One of my tips when creating a new look is that I not only bring out the clients’ vision but also the sense of smell. I often hide some baked cookies in several bowls and put them in some places of the store. In that way, my customers always feel comfortable when walking into the store for shopping. You can try it if you want.

And these are several fun and cheap DIY Xmas decorations that you can try. They are easy to make, so you won’t have to worry about not following up.

  1. And remember, customers are the best

I know that sometimes, it gets stressed due to massive numbers of customers you have to serve every day on Christmas. But keeping your smile will always be higher appreciated by the customers than showing irritation. It’s also what a retail manager needs to face in regular days, not just Christmas. Therefore, according to me, challenge yourself a little will make you and your business grow up even faster.

Besides, Christmas is the time for smiles and generosity, so cheer up and send Christmas spirit to everyone. You will be requited with the same attitude.


I hope these tips for retailers to serve customers during Xmas time has satisfied your curiosity. I believe this occasion will become your most profitable one in this year.

If you like my article, share it with your acquaintances or other retailers. It’s valuable knowledge and skills for them as well. And make your comment under this writing if you have any questions or opinions. It would be my pleasure to reply.

To sum up, thank you for reading, and I hope to see you in my following articles. Goodbye.

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