Valentine is just around the corner! People are browsing Valentine’s gifts for their perfect partner, and well, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to deliver great products and service to your dear customers, do you?

Imagine it’s your five-year wedding anniversary, and you’re waiting for her for dinner to celebrate. Make the event even more special and memorable by giving her flawless and meaningful custom gifts. Don’t forget to give her a bunch of fresh flowers together with the gift, and you’ll accomplish more than just catching her heart once more, you’ll melt it. OK, putting yourself in a customer’s shoes is obviously the best way to understand what they want, right? Want some ideas for your custom products this Valentines? Let’s go through my list of gifts that people may buy for their beloved person and make your own way to surprise your customers.

Heart Pillow

Heart-shaped pillows are not only adorable but also perfect gifts sending cherished messages people will choose to give their special one on the sweet Valentine day. Concise and romantic messages, such as “Hey! I love you” or “Peter & Anna”, will be a catalyst to reinforce the love. Pillows come in a variety of color organized neatly on the sofa are also great décor for their living space.

Heart in Sand Framed Print

Sometimes, people are tired of old-fashioned couple photos suspended on their bedroom wall or placed on their desk, then a heart-in-sand print could be a freshness. It looks awesome and brings back a romantic piece of memory when they and their lover are walking on the beach and draw a little evidence of their beautiful love. Let your customers customize their print, they’ll surely be satisfied with the result.

Message Bowl/Cup

Why don’t you paint something cute and meaningful on your cups and bowls? Whether it’s a name, message or image, it might improve the taste. Once you handle these cups and look at the text at the same time, it’s when you realize that you have both a delicious drink and a big love. Do you like the idea? Great, then your customers definitely like it, too!

Love Twin T-Shirt

Giving clothes is never old-fashioned. Twin T-shirt is one of the most favorite and one of the best way to express love. Cotton, fabric or polyester; personalized name, pattern, and color, etc. that’s the great combination that helps your customers mark their own personalities on such special gift. Can you imagine how happy your customers are when they find their gift, and how cherish their lovers are when they receive such lovely thing? Hmmm, I guess you’ve got my idea so let’s prepare to put a big smile on someone’s face.

Love Bikini Underwear

Haha! It looks crazy but unique and so creative. Some people will definitely be dying to flavor up their Valentine’s Day by giving their lady a special love bikini to dress up on a provocative night. The private “I want you” or “You + Me = Love” message will be an extraordinary mystery that they would love to share together. Don’t wait for people to ask for the product. Step up and inspire them!

iLoveU Smartphone Case

You use a smartphone everyday, don’t you? So do other people. Well, and surely there are people who are looking for a way to tell the whole world that they are in a relationship with such a wonderful person. So, give them an option to customize their phone case to fit such occasion like Valentines is definitely not a bad idea; in fact, many people would be willing to purchase such product to make their relationship status more obvious. Not so expensive, but personalized, and cute.

Heart Bamboo

Hey hey hey, you can’t deny it, people love something natural. They love the fresh, lively green trees that made for them. Uhuh, I don’t see any reason why people wouldn’t choose this lovely present. “. It simply two bamboo trees grew parallelly close to each other. The uniqueness is that they’re skillfully blended so that they form a heart in between. A very splendid green heart! Coming together with the trees is a rectangular vase painted with many little pink and red heart symbol. Besides, since bamboo is very durable, it’s nothing difficult to take care.” – add this note to describe this product and people can’t resist, I promise!


It will be a very big mistake if you prepare no chocolate on the Valentine’s Day. I guess you’ve heard somewhere that the sweet and bitter tastes of chocolate represent good times and bad times of a relationship. Choose well-designed chocolate boxes to offer and your customers will love you for that.

Well, wait no longer my friends. Pick one, or few nice little gift I mentioned above to add it to your shop and let your customers feel amazed of the options you give them this Valentines. I hope you’ll have a happy selling season, and I wish you a lovely Valentines, too!

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