How to greet customers in a restaurant


Greetings are the first and foremost thing to do in forming relationships. If you are managing or working in a restaurant, they can be considered one of the most important factors because they decide good or bad impressions as well as feelings of customers. If you can do greetings well, massive profits will come in no time.

However, a large number of restaurants have not realized their significance. It’s easy to understand because when I started my restaurant five years ago, I did not take it serious as well. My customer service was only to the acceptable standard, which made clients assume that my restaurant had no difference from others. That was why the tables were never full even though the opening time was already passed about two or three hours.

Having found that problem, I immediately invited the best expert in customer service to training my employees the most professional way to greet. After about a month, the result was so astonishing that I even had to refuse some reservations before the opening time. So in this how-to article, I would like to share with you how to greet customers in a restaurant. With the following three simple tips, I hope you would become the best restaurant in town.

How to greet customers in a restaurant

1. Courteous language

Remember, whether it is a first-time customer or a regular visitor, treat them as if they were your new clients. There is only one difference is that when you already know those daily visitors’ habit, such as not using wine before the appetizer, you do not have to ask them the same questions again.

How to greet customers in a restaurant

Some very useful sentences for conversation:

  • Good morning/ afternoon/ evening Sir/ Madam!
  • Do you have a reservation?
  • If they have one: “Under what name Sir/Madam?” or “For how my guests Sir/Madam?”
  • If they have not had one: “Wait a minute, and I’ll check the availability for you Sir/Madam” or “Your table will be ready within the next 5 minutes, would you like some drinks at the bar while waiting?.” If the tables are run out, you can say: “I’m sorry that all the tables are fully reserved today. If you make a reservation next time, we will discount 5 percent for your bill.”

These are the sentences that my employees always use, and they have never failed. All of the customers are satisfied, and even if sometimes they cannot get a table, they still come back again to be served. I guess the greetings have maximized their effects.

You can look for more fantastic expressions in here:

2. Emotion, position and gestures

There are three very efficient gestures that famous and professional restaurants always train their employees.

  • Bow or open the door

How to greet customers in a restaurant

When the customer enters the restaurants, if the door is already opened, bowing is the first thing that you must do. 45 degree is the expected and correct position. In contrast, if the door is not opened, you need to do it. And when bowing or opening the door, you can say “Welcome to our restaurant, Sir/Madam” with a friendly smile on your lips as a polite greeting to them.

Either bowing or opening the door is the first contact with your customer. So if you make it right, you have succeeded at the first period.

  • Take their clothes

At a high class restaurant, customers usually wear suits. So after greeting and checking their reservation, you can offer to take their clothes. According to my experiences, they barely say no to such courteous suggestions. You can use the sentence “Shall I take your coat?” or “Would you like to take off your scarf?” and show them that you are ready to keep their clothes at the same time.

Last week, I had lunch at a restaurant downtown, and they did this very well. They even gave me a ticket, so that it would be easier and quicker for them to find my belongings after I finished my meal. I applied this secret to my restaurant instantly when I came back. My customers had numerous compliments for this convenience and felt even more satisfied. Try it! You’ll see how useful it is.

  • Show customers their table

This is the highest appreciated gesture that will create the best impression to your clients. Because when they go to your restaurant for the first time, they may get lost. This action will prevent confusion and customers’ being new to surroundings, which might embarrass them. To start showing your clients, you can say “I’ll show you your table” or simply “This way, Sir/Madam.”

You and your employees will be considered highly professional if you pull the chair for the women first and then the man. After serving the main course, just wish them a nice meal before leaving, and they will remember your restaurant forever. You may say “With you a pleasant meal” or “Enjoy your meal.”

I’m sure your customers’ satisfaction will be boosted to the highest level after this small gesture.

3. Costumes

How to greet customers in a restaurant

This depends on your restaurant’s style, but in most cases, the employees need to dress up professionally and politely. If you want a formal environment in your restaurant, it’s better to wear your employees with suit and tie. But if you need a friendly atmosphere, only white shirts and trousers for waiters and dresses for waitresses are acceptable. Just avoid wearing offensive outfits to the customer, such as 3 centimeters shorts or bikini. Your customers will be more comfortable and satisfied when walking in.


Are you imagining yourself greeting the customers?

Great! You are ready to become an excellent restaurant manager. I hope that these small tips will help you raise your revenue and profits to the highest level. If you have any questions, please comment them down below. I would be very glad to answer them.

Regardless, thank you for reading my article, and I wish that your restaurant would be famous for fantastic customer satisfaction in just a couple of weeks. Goodbye, and see you in my next blog.

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