E-commerce industry is rising rapidly, which results in the rise of competition online, poses lots of difficulties for e-commerce store to be heard. On the other hand, customers are overwhelmed by thousands of choices and you find that you are just a small store shouting to get noticed in your little corner of the internet with no one really listening.


So how to be different from other competitors? How to get noticed and attract more customers? This post will give you the answers with 5 tips below:

1. Sell unique products

Although you may gain a large number of profits now due to the hot trend of your products, selling the exact same products as your competitors will leave you vulnerable to a price war in the future. Thus, you must think of creative ways to improve renew your products. Maybe the key features of your product remain, but you can change some details about function, decoration or package etc.

Another way that helps you sell unique products that nobody else sells is to keep track of the world. You can import oversea products that are completely unavailable in your home country.

2. Content

‘Content is the king’. Most of the successful e-commerce business owners are moving towards a strategy with their shops. They are establishing and using unique, interesting and eye-catching content to engage their brand with customers. A common way to create content is to tell a story. If done correctly, stories would create a lasting image in the customers’ mind and frame your business in a positive light

Good content is the key hook to build your products’ identity and raise the awareness of customers to your brand

3. Amazing webshop design

There’s a funny comparison is that e-commerce is like a date. Only when you receive goods do you know what they really look like. If you are looking for a long term relationship and attract your customers right from the first sight, you should make a good first impression. And only by creating an amazing and unique webshop design can you make a killer first impression to new customers as well as amaze and satisfy the old ones.

Above are 3 of 7 useful tips for making your e-commerce business stand out online. Follow us to keep track of the latest info about Part 2

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