4 tips to have the best customer service ever

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A person needs only 3 seconds to make his first impression, but more than 28 days to change it. That is just like you, a manager, who are trying to impress the customers when they come to your business for the first time. And if you don’t satisfy them, you will need over 28 days to change everything, which is too long and difficult for a business to earn quality results and grow.

That is why customer service plays not only the crucial role but also a matter of life and death to a business. Nevertheless, plenty companies are underestimating the importance of customer service and skip it in developing the strategy. Therefore, I am writing this article to reveal how you can make profits from delivering quality results in customer service.

What are the quality results you can get from a good customer service?

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  • Business reputation:

I guess you must know about word-of-mouth, which is one of the best and cost-effective way of marketing that a business can implement. And it also comes from our customers. If you provide a high-quality customer service, your clients are likely to share it with their friends, family, and anyone who is in their social network. That’s when you get a positive reputation.

  • Loyal customers:

When your company already has a good reputation, a significant number of customers will become loyal. That is synonymous with their willing to pay more money. A report from RightNow Technologies in 2011 claimed that 86 percent of American would willing to pay a more significant amount of money for a greater customer service. And 76 percent who was asked said that a satisfied customer service was the primary reason for them to be loyal to a brand. So if you want better results, you need a better customer service.

  • Profits, profits, and profits:

After all, this is the goal of every business, isn’t it? This result is quite easy to understand. Once you have earned those above results, profits will come instantly. And not only for one time but also various times later. I am sure you would be surprised at the amount of profits you get after making some improvements in customer service.

What can you do to improve your customer service?

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With a little of you imagination, these four tips can help you gain all of the above results.

1. Care about customers more than just a partner

This part includes listening, responding, and taking real care.

The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs indicated a long time ago that human had a strong desire to express themselves. Therefore, without letting your customers talk and be responded, you are taking away one of their most important needs as well as your profits. The more you can listen to their emotions, opinions, or problems, the more time you have to build qualified solutions. And after they have a chance to convey everything in their mind along with receiving a pleasant response, your customer service is official up to a whole new level.

Moreover, trying to care about your clients as real friends is also very high appreciated. For example, last month, I had another chance to meet Johan, head of a social enterprise and also a father of a handicapped boy, to reach an agreement on providing our company’s cleaning service. His son was the biggest reason for him to build his business and donate money to so many charity funds. As I sat down, I asked him: “How has Ray been lately?.” He seemed a little surprised but then immediately said with a pleasant smile that his son had been doing very well. At the end of the meeting, he said that he appreciated my asking because most people were quite afraid to talk about his son. They thought it would make him irritated. In fact, Johan always loved talking about Ray in all situations. So with only a small question, I showed my customer that he was not only a partner but also a friend to me as well as my company.

Therefore, if you want high profits, remember three things: Listening, Responding, and Caring.

2. Always keep promises

No business can build trust upon lies.

At the first time, you can sell your products or services by lying. But then, your clients will feel deceived if those products are not as qualified as they expect. Therefore, do what you promise your customers to do. If you promise to respond to them within two days, you respond to them within exactly two days. Or for instance, about six months ago, one of the client complaint to me that my company’s vacuum was faulty and required a replacement. As our rules are to replace a better good within 24 hours if customers are not satisfied, we immediately checked the product and replace another just like we promised. So next times, whenever he wants to purchase any new electronic cleaning device, he comes to my company first and becomes our regular client. That is the power of keeping promises.

So customer service is about fulfilling your clients’ needs, wants, and demands as they expect from your faithfulness. It is how you can build trust as well as a long lasting relationship with customers as well. And if the relationship is already good, your loyal customers, as well as quality results, will appear.

3. It’s not only marketing department creating customer service for your company

The reason is each person in your company is an important element in customer service.

Do you feel so unfamiliar with this concept? In fact, most new managers would think just like you because marketing department is almost the only one in the company to build customer service. Nevertheless, everyone in the company should be in charge of helping clients. For example, Product managing department should know what customers’ primary and sided needs are and may offer a good on promotion following those. Or Consulting team needs to call the customers after they buy the product and ask them if there were any problems. These actions have a very good effect on clients; moreover, you can create your company’s culture under this conception. A friendly company! Why not?

To maximize the effect of this idea, your employees need to be trained well to have a proper manner and attitude towards the customers. You can open short-term customer service courses or set up training campus every six months. That is what I am trying to do with my company and it is showing great results.

4. Learn from competitors

Competitors are always an imperative factor affecting your business quality results. Therefore, you need to pay attention to them and see whether their customers are satisfied with services they provide or not. If yes, find out how they are serving their clients. If no, try to analyze deeply to find out what the gap is and avoid it while building your own customer service.

When I first started my company, I had to play as a customer and come to other company’s seminars or the fairs where they introduce their products. In that way, I collected quite much information about them and made a great product as well as differentiate my company’s service. You can try my method if you like.

So try to learn as much as you can from competitors and any other sources, you will be surprised at your results within a couple next months.

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