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How To Motivate Employees In Retail

If you – as a retail buyer –  want to get a specific goal “above and beyond”,you should start “producing” glad workers. By applying proven strategies to motivate employees in retail, you can keep your retail business pursuing productively for years. Also, by having representatives who can effectively sell, you achieve the remarkable benefits. Retailers, […]

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How to promote your restaurant online

how to promote your restaurant online

In the era of information boom that we are experiencing nowadays, a piece of particulars can spread within only few seconds. And that means a lot to online restaurant’s marketers. Why? Because all of your competitors are using social media to advertise for their businesses. So if you don’t, you are hundreds of steps far […]

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How to boost sales this Valentine’s?

Everybody says “money cannot buy love”, but surely a meaningful gift can. As indicated by Nextopia, in the week prior to Valentine’s Day, records show 11% increase in order value. This week is all about love. Maybe not everybody will get all starry-eyed and lovey-dovey; however, online sellers will surely love this season as it’s […]

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What color makes you want to buy something

According to a survey conducted and published on KISSmetrics several years ago, 93 percent of consumers made their purchase decision basing on visual appearance. And 84.7 percent of them claimed that color was the primary factor for them to buy a product. From those data, we, marketers, can see that colors have a significantly direct […]

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