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RockPOS updates with releases, tips, support, etc…

Introducing RockPOS version 4.2.0

Welcome to RockPOS v4.2.0! Version 4.2.0 has been released, the version includes essential improvements as well as new advanced features. Please update to the latest version of RockPOS for optimized selling experience. If you do not know how to upgrade, here is how you can upgrade your RockPOS to version 4.x.x. Now, Let’s get into […]

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New pricing model

We’d like to announce that a new pricing model is about to take effect soon (we expect to imply it on Friday, 16th March 2018) as we believe it’ll give you more benefits than the previous model. These are what we’re aiming for: Longer using time at decent price Longer time to experience RockPOS as […]

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Item pricing in RockPOS

Pricing in RockPOS

Pricing in retail might be complicated as you have to deal with different groups of customers. It usually depends on: The item itself The category of that item The group a customer belongs to In many cases, it also takes delivery address into account Beyond that, you still wanna give a special price on specific […]

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Are you using a right POS system for your business?

Actually, I have spent 2 days thinking about how to provide you the most useful and interesting information of POS industry. And finally I found out that although we all know POS software has play an indispensable role in retail business, especially in retail boutiques, restaurants and bars, most of us are lack of knowledge […]

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What’s new in RockPOS 3.0

rockpos v.3.1

We have made a big transition from RockPOS 2.4 to RockPOS 3.0 with the aim to introduce a new version of New sale page, which will give your staffs and your customers new experience. This article summarizes what’s new in the most wanted version of RockPOS. Layout changes Leaving the old-fashion design behind, RockPOS 3.0 now comes with a totally […]

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