New pricing model

Thanks to your support, RockPOS v4 is finally live with lots of changes. You may have recognized that, the most notable changes are RockPOS functions and its pricing model. Yes, a new pricing model starts taking effect. What we aim are:

  • Easier (free) to start selling in store with RockPOS
  • More features (and benefits) at less cost
  • Flexible plans that fit to your business scale

Firstly, let’s talk about the pricing model and how it works.

As you can see, there are 3 pricing plans from which you can choose the one that suits you the most:

  • Startup. It’s free. You can use RockPOS as long as you want, upgrade to new versions whenever you want without paying a penny. There is no expiry date for this plan. However, a minor limit is that, you can only make 50 orders per month. This is a good choice if you’re just starting up a business, or you want to try how RockPOS works on your system with all Premium features.
  • Business. We’re always bear in mind that, when you grow, we grow. When your business is growing bigger, attract more customers, or when you’re setting up a second business, this plan is designed for you!
  • Enterprise. This special plan fits you well if you own up to 10 businesses.

RockPOS pricing

Whatever you choose, Startup, Business or Enterprise, all plans are fully functional with all RockPOS features.

One-off payment or subscription?

It’s a big question (and hard to answer) for us during last a few months. Previously, you pay us once, and sell with RockPOS forever. However, support and updates are valid only in 12 months since purchase. In fact, it didn’t really work as people usually asked for updates to benefit from more features. In that case, the first order doesn’t work anymore, and a second order (re-purchase) required. This does not make sense. That’s why, we also offer subscription plans, on monthly basis or yearly basis.

Still looking for one-off payment?

While we don’t highly recommend going with this, but your choice, just switch to PrestaShop marketplace. RockPOS is present there too. Click here to start. Without ZEN option, you’re free to update or upgrade in 3 months since purchase.

To compare between Business plan (pay annually) and one-time payment plan (no Zen option), here is the recap:

Business plan:

  • Free updates: lifetime
  • License valid in: 12 months
  • Number of shops: 2
  • Refund: no refund please, but you can cancel anytime

One-time payment plan:

  • Free updates: 3 months
  • License valid in: lifetime
  • Number of shops: 1, just 1
  • Refund: refund in 90 days, no question asked.

RockPOS price is being increased? No, not at all. 

Instead, you pay less for more, actually for all, features. In the past, to have all Premium features, you have to purchase RockPOS and other 9 plugins in addition. They are:

  • RockPOS core ($139.99)
  • RockPOS Loyalty ($17.99)
  • RockPOS Multiple carts ($17.99)
  • RockPOS Custom sales ($17.99)
  • RockPOS Filter products ($17.99)
  • RockPOS Order history ($17.99)
  • RockPOS Sales commission ($17.99)
  • RockPOS Sales summary ($26.99)
  • RockPOS Return/Exchange ($44.99)
  • RockPOS Product customization ($26.99)

All of these, it costs 347$, for 1 year updates.

Now, if you go with Business plan and pay annually, it costs only 288$ per year. It’s 24$ a month, or just 0.8$ a day to run your business. A cup of coffee even costs more.

Moreover, one license are valid for 2 domains – 2 businesses. 0.4$ per day is exceptional price, ever!

I purchased several plugins. What to do now?

A very good news to all our current users: no matter you bought RockPOS and/or its plugins before, as long as 1 of the licenses valid, you will be able to upgrade to RockPOS v4 for free. Of course, once upgraded, you have all features activated.

Let’s take a look at this example, where you purchase 3 products:

  • RockPOS core, expired on July 1st, 2017.
  • (plugin) RockPOS Filter products, expires on August 1st, 2017.
  • (plugin) RockPOS Return/Exchange, expires on September 1st, 2017.

As a result, all of them are merged into 1 license – RockPOS v4 – expires on September 1st, 2017.

I’m an existing user (v3) and don’t want to go with subscription?

Sure, our target is to make sure, you won’t lost anything but get more benefits from this change. If you are existing users, currently go with one-off payment, and still want to use RockPOS forever, we already cover your situation 🙂

Here is how it works. Once your license is going to expire, we’ll send you an email containing another package of RockPOS. This package does not validate your domain or license anymore. In other words, you can use it forever in your store.

This only applies to purchases made before July 7th, 2017.  And of course, you can’t update to a newer version as soon as your license expires.

So should I upgrade to v4 now? You absolutely can! Temporarily go with subscription (the license is already activated; if not, contact us!), then switch to one-off payment when it expires.

But I still want to go with one-off payment, even after my current license expires?

Sure thing, you always can. Kindly scroll up to the section Still looking for one-off payment? above.

If you’re not sure whether you’re qualified for free upgrade or not, contact us and we’ll check it out for you.

Finally, comment below to let us know what you think!

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